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Tripplite 600 VA Pro UPS System

Tripplite 600 VA Pro UPS System


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Key Features:

  • TrippLite BC Pro UPS System standby UPS with communications port
  • 600VA Tower UPS
  • Maintains 120V nominal output during blackouts
  • Workstation optimized features inlude USB port (HIDPDC compliant), single line TEL/DSL line Surge suppression and three surge only outlets
  • Space saving right angle input plug
  • Input: NEMA 515P (120V 15A)/ Output: 6 NEMA 515R (120V)
  • 2 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • BCPRO600 standby system offers UPS battery support, plus complete AC and dialup/DSL/ethernet Line surge suppression
  • Supports entry level PC systems for up to 45 minutes during brownouts and power failures to enable a safe system shutdown
  • Supports a max load of 600VA/345 watts for 5 minutes
  • Supports a half load of 300VA/175 watts for 17 minutes
  • Supplies battery derived AC output during brownouts starting a 99 volts, user adjustment allows fine tuning of brownout reponse to any setting from 83 to 99 volts
  • Attractive gray tower configuration
  • Includes 3 battery supported outlets, plus 3 additional surge suppression only outlets, 6 foot AC line cord (all NEMA 515)
  • HID compliant USB interface enables integration with built in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X
  • USB Interface supports timed inverter shutoff after unattended shutdown
  • PowerAlert software available via free download from www.tripplite.com
  • Supports TrippLite WatchDog software application to restore unresponsive programs by automatically restarting them and rebooting completely locked computers by automatically switching UPS power off and back on again
  • Built in single line phone/ethernet suppression jacks protect modem, fax machine or other peripheral with a dialup, DSL or ethernet line connection
  • Built in audible alarm and 3 front panel LEDs indicate UPS and line power status
  • 600VA/345 Watt power handling ability supports a variety of computer, internetworking, telecom and consumer electronics equipment
  • Supports Hot Swap Battery replacement via built in access panel
  • Compatible with 120V/60Hz applications for USA, Canada, Mexico and more
  • 2 Year manufacturer's warranty