A digital video recorder or DVR is a device used to record and store video. It works by storing the footage viewed by corresponding security cameras in a digital format similar to that of a DVD. The recorded video can be given a time and date for later viewing. The video can also be viewed at anytime due to a DVR's playback feature.

Digital recorders were first introduced in 1999. Microsoft's version of a DVR was released near the end of the same year. Over the years, DVRs have been more widely known as devices used to record and store content on television in order to give viewers more control over their television watching experience. However, DVR's also aid in security.


If you are in the market for surveillance cameras, you probably already know the benefits and advantages of using a Digital Video Recorder with your closed circuit television security system. A CCTV DVR can record hours upon hours of footage from your security system. If you do not have the manpower to constantly monitor your CCTV footage, a security DVR system is the next best thing. Your visible CCTV cameras will still be a viable deterrent to vandals and criminals; however, it is comforting to have the back up of the DVR.

The benefit of a CCTV digital DVR is that it adds a layer of security and protection to your already reliable closed circuit video surveillance system. You can review footage at your leisure in the event that vandals or criminals have wreaked havoc. Plus, footage from a DVR is the best evidence you can present to insurance companies or a judge in the event of a criminal or civil case.

Picking out and installing your home or office surveillance system may seem like an overwhelming task. However, with the proper research and information, you will be armed with the tools and knowledge it takes to keep you and your property safe from vandals and intruders. The type of surveillance that you ultimately choose will depend on several factors such as your budget, purpose, and the amount of coverage you need. Once you know your limits and what you need, choosing our surveillance package will not be as much of an ordeal.

Some of the features of a CCTV DVR include digital storage, video compression, remote monitoring, and secure connections. DVRs allow for footage to be stored all in one place. The video itself, due to the digital format of the stored videos, takes up less room than it did previously on other recording devices. This is due to the video compression that takes place. Recorded footage is also easier to look through on a DVR. A DVRs playback feature allows the viewer to look for specific videos by date, time, event, or other specification. CCTV DVRs also allow for more flexibility when it comes to viewing the video. Instead of only being able to view the recorded footage in one location, video can be viewed over the internet through video streams as well as on many kind of mobile devices. CCTV DVRs also provide secure connections. Most of the devices are password protected which allows for only those who know the password to view the recorded video. This keeps out unwanted eyes and keeps the footage safe.

CCTV DVRs are beneficial for both businesses and homes. Both places will have a lot of footage recorded. This won't be a problem for the video compression feature of CCTV DVRs. Also, businesses and homes may not have a central room where the video can be viewed. CCTV DVRs allow for viewing on any computer and many mobile devices. This allows managers to watch the footage on their own computer while home owners can be in any room of the house and view the video on their computer or mobile device. CCTV DVRs are also extremely useful for those who don't have a hired group just for viewing video. Thanks to CCTV DVRs, business and home owners are able to know that their property is always being watched even when they can't physically do so.

CCTV Digital Video Recorder

Business owners and home owners would benefit from using a CCTV Digital Video Recorder. CCTV Digital Video Recorders allow for property owners to record large amounts of videos all in one place. This video can also be searched for by, place, time, and event, and played back at a later time. Property owners don't have time to sit and watch security camera footage all day. CCTV Digital Video Recorders allow for these individuals to go about their day while knowing that their business or home is being watched.

CCTV Digital Video Recorder is another layer of security to your surveillance system. A CCTV Digital Video Recorder is recorders that can surveillance hours upon hours of the environment that you have your cameras set up to watch.

CCTV Digital Video Recorder feature economical recording devices, with or without hard drives that are capable of recording up to month's worth of surveillance materials. The CCTV Digital Video Recorder also features the latest in compression technology and motion detection capabilities. The CCTV Digital Video Recorder also has remote access from any location on your smart phone or any compatible device at a remote location.