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Security Cameras With Audio Add A Critical Element To Your Surveillance Footage

Security cameras themselves provide a way to fight against crime and identify suspects. However, people can hide their faces or keep their backs to the lens to avoid being identified. Security cameras with audio help to pick up voices and conversations allowing for more accuracy and improved surveillance footage.

Adding an audio feature to your security camera system can greatly improve your surveillance footage. With a built-in microphone, our security cameras with audio produce high quality recordings. The audio aspect can be the crucial component when surveillance footage is being used as evidence in a case. When a person's face is not clearly visible by the camera, the audio can provide voice identification.

The performance of surveillance cameras with audio depends on the quality of the built-in microphone as well as placement. Be mindful of background noises and avoid busy areas if possible. If you need to pick up conversations, placing security cameras in close proximity to where the interactions will take place may help to produce clearer audio.

When shopping for audio security cameras, please remember that you will need audio compatible equipment. Be sure that your DVR supports audio, and that you purchase proper cabling. AV (audio & video) cabling is available for a more convenient set up.

Please employ security cameras with audio at your own discretion. The laws surrounding audio cameras are a bit blurry. Before using any security cameras, please be sure to look into your local laws regarding surveillance and recording. While video surveillance with audio can be crucial evidence, if it was obtained unlawfully, the evidence can be inadmissible. In some situations, this evidence can make or break the case, thus, using these cameras legally is vital.

It is important to gain consent from people, when using security cameras in general. If security cameras are being used in the workplace, it's usually expressed when a person starts the job. Or, like in public places, security signs are placed for public viewing, which acknowledge that people are aware that they are under surveillance.

In places where there is an expectation of privacy, such as bedrooms, restrooms or dressing rooms, audio and video surveillance is prohibited. Again, please research the laws surrounding audio security cameras before installing them.