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For Simple Yet Versatile Security And Surveillance Needs, Choose Box CCTV Cameras

After years of technological advances, security cameras have come a long way. Evolving from the original camera, yet still maintaining their affordable price and basic shape, box CCTV cameras are a smart surveillance solution.

Box security cameras provide a base security camera that enables you to choose and change the lens accordingly. These surveillance cameras sometimes come with a lens, but, in any case, you are free to shop for a lens with the proper specifications you need. This versatility offers convenience and better clarity in recordings. Often times the camera lenses are larger and offer better features.

When it comes to camera lenses for box security cameras, there are many different types suited for different settings. Things to consider are focal length, whether fixed or vari-focal, manual or auto focus, and mounting compatibility. You can also find a great selection of camera lenses in our parts and accessories section.

Their boxy shape enables these CCTV cameras to be easily mounted. Box surveillance cameras boast compatibility with most mounting equipment, allowing for various options. Housing choices are also relatively limitless. When used outdoors in vandal proof and weatherproof housing, they can be an intimidating presence.

Since box security cameras are often larger than other security cameras, they are better suited for overt surveillance rather than providing covert surveillance. This can work to an advantage as the mere presence of surveillance cameras can deter vandalism and crime.

Choose box CCTV security cameras for an inexpensive and flexible surveillance option. Deflect crime by securing your home or property with our excellent security cameras.