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Bullet Security Cameras Provide Sleek, Compact Design With Convenient Features

Bullet security cameras are commonly seen and used thanks to their smart style, and often attractive pricing. Limited budget? Bullet CCTV security cameras help you stay within your means while creating a functional and reliable security camera system.

As one of the more common styles for security cameras, bullet cameras offer effective design and features for a great price. Used both indoors and outdoors, these versatile cameras boast various styles for covert and overt surveillance, as well as numerous features for excellent surveillance in any setting.

When used outdoors, bullet security cameras should employ weatherproof and vandal proof housing. This protective barrier will help to prevent damage and maintain maximum functioning. Features that may be helpful outdoors include day and night vision for varying lighting situations, high resolution or high definition for quality recordings, and vari-focal lenses for long range viewing without compromising clarity.

Because bullet CCTV cameras are often mounted on walls or just under awnings on the exterior of shops or buildings when used outdoors, their presence acts as a warning to criminals. This can ultimately scare off criminals, forcing them to retreat and providing better safety for your property.

Indoor surveillance is usually more subtle than outdoor surveillance. Lipstick bullet cameras and more compact designs may be better suited for indoors. Luckily, their style remains relatively the same making it easy to mount on walls or ceilings. While indoor lighting can be fairly consistent, night vision is still helpful for around the clock surveillance. Indoor bullet CCTV cameras may not require weatherproof housing, but depending on the setting, vandal proof housing may be necessary.

Whether you prefer wired or wireless bullet CCTV cameras may depend on placement. The availability of a network and signal strength may also dictate your choice. For cameras in closer proximity with strong signal strength, wireless cameras have the potential of working optimally.