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Dome Security Cameras Offer Stealthy, Ambiguous Surveillance While Being Easy On The Wallet

There's a reason you see dome security cameras in various places. Their discreet design may go unnoticed, but if spotted, a tinted or clouded dome keeps people guessing which direction the camera lens is pointed. Simply knowing that you may or may not be monitored can sway a person's behavior in itself, and dome security cameras play on this uncertainty.

Dome cameras are a rather common type of security cameras. They boast a smart design, are easy to install and mount, and can effortlessly blend into décor. For an affordable security option, shop our selection here.

Some people want to keep an eye on their property or business, but don't necessarily want to intimidate their employees. Dome surveillance cameras are perfect for this because their simple and unassuming design is less threatening than other styles.

However, employed effectively, a dome security camera with clouded or tinted glass can present a looming presence to potential criminals. These CCTV cameras are available in various sizes and styles. Full dome or half dome, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) or infrared are just some of the options. Depending on the type of surveillance you are looking for, these cameras can be valuable in a majority of environments.

Their design also allows them to be rather versatile. Dome security cameras often come either vandal proof or weatherproof, sometimes both. This allows for either indoor or outdoor use. Mounting is relatively easy with the proper equipment. Either mounted flush to the wall or ceiling or with an additional bracket, the presence of security cameras can help to deter crimes and bad behavior.

Because of their simple design, dome surveillance cameras can be relatively inexpensive. They are smart options for those working with a limited budget. For a great price, you can find a compact, easy to use security camera with convenient features. Purchase a few and start building a solid security camera system.