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For Improved Surveillance, High Resolution Security Cameras Are A Smart Choice

Aside from the obvious, high resolution security cameras possess a plethora of helpful features for surveillance purposes. These surveillance cameras appeal to many because they maintain a budget-friendly price while still providing incredible features.

High resolution security cameras offer great picture quality. These cameras are able to do so thanks to excellent image sensors. Image sensors basically capture light to produce an image. There are two types of image sensors - CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor). Our HR security cameras utilize CCD image sensors.

CCD image sensors differ from CMOS image sensors because CCD image sensors use global shutter as opposed to rolling shutter. This simply means that the CCD image sensors capture the entire picture at the same time, whereas CMOS image sensors captures pictures from top to bottom. The difference is most evident in environments where the light source is volatile. Because our high resolution security cameras use CCD image sensors, they will produce improved video images and recordings in varying settings. While both types of image sensors possess pros and cons, CCD image sensors are better suited for high resolution surveillance due to their overall performance in regards to picture clarity.

Besides enhanced video recordings, high resolution security cameras can come equipped with other amazing features. Depending on your needs, we carry a wide variety. For intersections or parking lots, we have license plate capture security cameras. We also offer audio security cameras, when conversations or voices need to be heard. Night vision is a common, more practical feature that can make all the difference for security cameras.

For any situation, HR surveillance cameras can serve as an excellent security solution. With clear picture quality, identify suspects and catching criminals becomes easier. The presence of security cameras can be just as effective as well. Shop our selection here.