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Keep An Eye On Your Home Or Business With Indoor Security Camera Systems

Designed for indoor use, indoor security cameras focus less on withstanding weather and more on specialized features and style. Often dome styles, these surveillance cameras are usually compact and built to easily blend with the interior décor.

Indoor security cameras are affordable and relatively easy to use and install. When you're on vacation or out of town for business, you can maintain a watchful eye within your home or in your office.

These cameras are offered in various styles. The more common types are dome and bullet styles. Both dome security cameras and bullet security cameras can be fairly discreet. Whether you are aiming for discreet or overt surveillance, you can find an indoor security camera to suit your needs.

Dome security cameras tend to be more popular because of their simple design. Compatible with many different mounting equipment, indoor dome surveillance cameras can be mounted relatively anywhere. Indoor security cameras in general are usually installed on walls or ceilings. For more covert, relaxed surveillance, choose dome style cameras.

Bullet security cameras can be just as convenient as the dome style. Also compact and compatible with various mounts, bullet surveillance cameras can be placed in numerous locations. Bullet cameras can be a bit more intimidating in an indoor setting due to their design. If you are looking for more obvious surveillance, choose bullet indoor security cameras.

Placement can make a big difference in the quality of your footage. You'll want to place cameras high enough so that tampering is unlikely and hard to do. Also, placing them near high traffic areas, such as entrances, exits or frequented rooms, can help you catch the most activity.

A helpful feature for indoor security cameras is day and night vision. Because light sources may vary, employing night vision helps to provide 24/7 surveillance.

For a cost-effective surveillance solution, install an indoor security camera system. Choose from our excellent selection of here.