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Infrared Security Camera Systems Use Night Vision To Produce 24/7 Video Surveillance

While night vision is an excellent feature alone, our infrared security cameras also possess a variety of useful features for a comprehensive security camera system. Different styles of security cameras with IR night vision help to provide the consumer with diverse options for several environments.

Being able to monitor your property around the clock can help you sleep better at night. Our infrared security cameras can provide that comfort and reassurance. Utilizing IR LEDs to illuminate settings with little to no light, these cameras are always on the lookout.

The IR LEDs, or infrared light-emitting diodes, work to produce an image in the darkness. These IR LEDs emit their own light to illuminate the footage; therefore, more IR LEDs produce more enhanced night recordings. To maintain quality, night vision footage must be produced in black and white. Even if your security camera records in color during the day, IR recordings will be black and white. Security cameras without night vision allow burglars to sneak around unseen in the dark. Prevent that from happening by investing in an infrared security camera system.

The night vision feature is extremely beneficial, but our infrared surveillance cameras also provide other special features. Some of these features include high resolution, CMOS image sensors, HD-SDI technology, IP abilities, and more. With great features and reasonable prices, we provide an enticing inventory.

Our selection of infrared security cameras also include wired or wireless solutions offered in various styles. Because night vision is beneficial in any setting, whether indoors or outdoors, you will find vandal proof and weather proof options as well.

Make your home or property more secure by employing infrared security camera systems. You can rest at ease knowing that your security camera system is keeping a watchful eye, even in the darkest of nights.