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Get An Excellent View With PTZ Security Cameras

For a security camera with great versatility, choose PTZ security cameras. After installation, you have the ability to adjust views without having to manually move the camera.

The pan function allows the camera to view a wide area, however, not simultaneously. When using the pan function, the PTZ security camera rotates left and right under your control. Usually a 360 degree radius, the pan function helps to minimize blind spots.

The tilting function allows vertical movement of the lens view. Often a full 180 degree tilting range, your lens has the ability to scour the viewing field. This generous viewing range not only minimizes blind spots, but also decreases the need for multiple cameras. PTZ security cameras are often used in high security areas.

Together, these functions move quite quickly and precisely. This is why PTZ security cameras are often referred to as "speed dome cameras." Despite their fast maneuvering, quality of the recordings is not compromised. Because of this, these cameras are favored for many different surveillance environments.

Aside from pan and tilt abilities, these cameras also possess amazing zoom functions. Zeroing in on a person, building or license plate of interest is controlled remotely and exquisitely. This provides great detail for those collecting data or evidence.

When you put all these features in one security camera, along with other advanced specifications, it becomes a no-brainer. You get what you pay for and more with these cameras. For an excellent selection of Pan Tilt Zoom surveillance cameras, shop our stock here.