Business Security Camera Systems

Business Security Camera Systems

business security camera systems

Building a business security camera system can be a complicated task. Luckily, we can help you choose the appropriate equipment based on your needs. We carry all the essentials you'll need, and we're available to assist you Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Our business security camera packages come equipped with the basics - security cameras, DVRs with and without hard drives, power supplies, and appropriate cabling. Before shopping our security camera packages, it's wise to evaluate your necessities.

Your business security camera systems can be as comprehensive or as simple as you please. When securing the office setting, it is important to know the rooms or areas in which you would like to have video surveillance access. With this information, you can decide on how many cameras you will need and what special features you require.

We carry a wide selection of business surveillance cameras. We have both dome style and bullet style surveillance cameras suited for either indoor or outdoor use. For more discreet surveillance, dome surveillance cameras may work better since they have a less obvious presence. Because of their intimidating style, bullet surveillance cameras may be better suited for the perimeter of your building, to deter criminals before they attempt to get in.

Aside from the security camera style, the special features can make or break your business surveillance system. Infrared LEDs that enable night vision can be extremely helpful in any setting. Within a business, it will allow you to see if anything happens after hours. High resolution and image sensors can help to produce the clearest picture possible.

Placement of you business security cameras will play an important role in your surveillance system and recordings. If you choose suitable and optimal placement for your security cameras, you can cut down on how many cameras you actually need. Pan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, abilities can also help this. This allows you to manipulate your viewing field to your liking.

Considering the number of cameras you want to employ, you can choose the appropriate DVR. If you plan on expanding your system, choose a DVR with more channels than cameras you are installing. That way, you can simply purchase more cameras rather than upgrading your entire system. As far as memory, decide how much footage you want to store at a time and adjust accordingly.

Our business security camera packages include proper cabling, but if you prefer a wireless system, we offer wireless camera bundles as well. Depending on your preference and the placement of your cameras, both types of systems can be beneficial.

ired security camera systems allow a direct and fairly stable connection. However, they can easily be compromised by cutting the right cable. Wireless systems cut cabling out of the picture, instead utilizing a network to connect cameras to the DVR for easy recording, storage and playback. The downfall is that the system is dependent upon the network's connection.

There are many options to consider when purchasing a business security camera system, but a well thought out system will pay off in the long run. Choose from our security camera packages, or build your own system from our security cameras, DVRs, parts and accessories.