Software Downloads

Surveillance DVR Software Downloads

Here you will find the software that comes bundled with your DVR unit. In the event your disc becomes lost or damaged, below you can download zip file of the disc contents. Just locate your DVR unit on this page and click on the link to begin your software download.

4 Channel DVRs

  • SCE H04A 4CH 960H DVR [SKU: SCEH04A] (21.46 MB)
    MD5 dc3075ce04155175ae46e3de4d5ac084 SHA1 6df5b04e84f17bccc954880fac240afff245b97c
  • SCE HD2804 4CH HD DVR [SKU: SCEHD2804] (15.01 MB)
    MD5 a5ebbae27a598c3a8347795e63780dae SHA1 6df5b04e84f17bccc954880fac240afff245b97c
  • SCE DVR-7004 Economical 4CH DVR [SKU: SCEDVR7004] ** DISCONTINUED (15.75 MB)
    MD5 64c522768a57150df0f32e6acdf950cc SHA1 914483f6d32aedda32000936ed2c5a54b208c1ce
  • SCE DVR-9104A 4CH Real-Time D1 DVR [SKU: SCEDVR9104A] ** DISCONTINUED (15.40 MB)
    MD5 bb3a9c51c079ff91b800b9289c655843 SHA1 330e8690d6412015f94e9f5c4a19ff2df8093ecc

8 Channel DVRs

  • SCE H808A 8CH 8x960H RTR DVR [SKU: SCEH808A] (21.46 MB)
    MD5 9e71c8f2a26a443a038599fa1691c53f SHA1 6c5e08f1a4cbe7608361d38a7af35bb76a297afb
  • SCE D8BS 8CH D1 Advanced DVR [SKU: SCED8BS8CH] (21.46 MB)
    MD5 9c5b77da0d8f722d99d97f7ddc81c15a SHA1 83e95f0836397e9ec155998c75c1136f1d8ab8d7
  • SCE DVR-3108 4CH DVR [SKU: SCEDVR3108] ** DISCONTINUED (36.03 MB)
    MD5 f1d8fa80659b926a665768487e029ff2 SHA1 d50032c476f5da199d09fd8dd00ef8ce537e826f

16 Channel DVRs

  • SCE DVR-9016A 16 Channel DVR [SKU: SCEDVR9016A] (36.98 MB)
    MD5 2973de0c86103eb6fa70d914531cb8f4 SHA1 5506fb986573fcabc0b3f336ced073664fb8f95c
  • SCE 16 Channel H.264 DVR [SKU: SCEDVR16H264] (75.40 MB)
    MD5 77593ef8ec52b4836ed6ba6402324555 SHA1 4ad4b79662d04d49d69b867cebe3fefbaa5ed0a8

32 Channel DVRs

  • SCE DVR-9032A 32 Channel DVR [SKU: SCEDVR9032A] ** DISCONTINUED (36.04 MB)
    MD5 02824514b74b2368500d672a4fd5102e SHA1 4d79dadff19e26dd86a077d633ba6e8b27835a7f

IP Network Cameras

  • SCE 2032I 3MP IP Bullet Camera [SKU: SCE2032I] (252.78 MB)
    MD5 487cb94853c811d4a43ee166bef73a55 SHA1 3892523d4ddbd53fe8a691cf62d26f8a483b49c6

Other Downloads

Alternative release versions of the CMS & IMS200 software applications.

  • CMSSetup.exe (6.02 MB) v3.0.9.5
    MD5 3772a9b85fdeb9b35f6a51916fbd1348 SHA1 5e8c0b991fe3b771bf61fcfd1867a7e3d156a66d
  • CMS2000_Windows_v1.0.1.35.exe (2.10 MB) v1.0.1.35
    MD5 12d5d33838d80dda1c9cd3785a7aca15 SHA1 ea91d07d589782d7eedbcebcf21a993b79d1843e
  • IMS200Setup.exe (27.59 MB) v1.28
    MD5 5f391b4183c84cbc07a456eaae4900f2 SHA1 80b9b5a2d83a5fe19975d7bed5998240573252f6
  • IMS200_Client_Eng_20130905.exe (35.18 MB) v1.29
    MD5 4fdd754d7ded600d44c3933241094d44 SHA1 1a8e407cff728b8ff27e1ec0300b00bacec9307b